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Tyson Toles April 2019 CrossFit TTG Athlete of the Month


Tyson Toles April 2019 CrossFit TTG Athlete of the Month


1.What made you start CrossFit? 

I think the idea of CrossFit—constantly varied high-intensity functional movement—was appealing to me, though to be honest, at the time I had no clue what that even meant.  I was fortunate enough to see that TTG had a special introductory offering for CrossFit newbies.  So I came in; gave Scot 200 $1 bills (that’s a story for a different time); and, more than a year later, here I am.

2.What is one thing most people don’t know about you?­

Heck beats me.  There’s really not too much to know.   Here’s one:  I played running back on my college football team—I fumbled my first two carries.  My Dad, then a welder, offered to weld a handle on the ball for me.  LOL.  Can’t make that one up.

3.What is your one favorite and least favorite movement in CrossFit?­

Favorite movement: ?

The Olympic lifts—clean and jerk, snatches.  It’s pretty cool to do something that looks to be so far beyond what an ordinary person should be able to do.

Least favorite: ?

Double unders, muscle ups.  Pretty much anything I can’t do…yet.

4.What is your ultimate cheat meal?­

Are there really any cheat meals other than tacos and chocolate chip cookies?

5. Since starting CrossFit, What is your biggest/proudest accomplishment.

Just showing up.  That’s everything and the only thing.

6.What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time?

Hmm.  Good question.  I would have to actually pick four:

1.         Inherit the Wind: (the original black and white version).  I saw it when I was in fifth grade (yes, they had movies back then).  There’s about four minutes of dialogue between the two main characters in the last act of the movie that pretty much shaped my life decisions for the next 30 years. 

2.         Spartan/Redbelt: These are two different movies directed by the same dude (David Mamet) but with pretty much the same theme:  how does one person do the right thing in the middle of a whole bunch of wrong.

3.         Lonestar:  It is about white, black, and brown people trying to get along in a small country town on the Texas border—it’s pretty timely. 

7.What is your favorite past time outside of the gym?

I’m kind of a square (as if it hasn’t come across already).  Bookstores, videogames (arcade–not at home) and the like.  If anyone can explain Meditations by Marcus Aurelius to me in 20 words or less, I’d greatly appreciate it.