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Paige Key, November 2018 CrossFit TTG Athlete of the Month


Paige Key, November 2018 CrossFit TTG Athlete of the Month

Paige Key CrossFit TTG November 2018 Athlete of the Month!

  1. What made you start CrossFit?

Mackenzie Sottini encouraged me to check it out. My previous trainer had changed career paths, I was unmotivated to continue working out at Fitness Connection, and was recovering from surgery and had been released to start working out again.

  1. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?­

Not sure this is a secret, but I love orange/ginger cats (I have 2).

Also, I LOVE shows like Cops, Live PD etc. Don’t want to be a cop, but I find it all very entertaining. Ha!

  1. What is your one favorite and least favorite movement in CrossFit?­

Favorite movement:

Push Press for sure and I like the challenge of the assault bike.  So weird, I know!

Least favorite: I have 2:  

Overhead Squat snatches and burpees

  1. What is your ultimate cheat meal?  

Comfort food!!!  Sweet potato casserole, anything with brussel sprouts, and cornbread!  Oh and I do like chips and salsa.  😜

  1. Since starting CrossFit, What is your biggest/proudest accomplishment?­

Honestly, it’s having confidence in myself. With my non compliant thyroid it’s a real struggle to “lose weight” so I’ve worked on my consistency, knowing my strengths and not panicking about my weaknesses.  I’m also proud that both of my children (who workout out with Juice and Caite) have found a love for working out. I wish I had started this 20 years ago when it was “easy”.  I love the TTG community. It’s become a constant in my life and something I sincerely look forward to accomplishing daily.