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Luda West CrossFit TTG February 2019 Athlete of the Month


Luda West CrossFit TTG February 2019 Athlete of the Month

1.What made you start CrossFit? 

LW: At 10 months postpartum in Feb 2016, I was looking for a new training routine and motivation. I found CrossFit TTG Groupon online. I used the Groupon for 1 month and was hooked after that! 

2.What is one thing most people don’t know about you?­

LW: I’ve had mumps twice as a kid (early 1990s in Russia) and the 2nd case caused acute pancreatitis. I was in the hospital for over 4 weeks!

3.What is your one favorite and least favorite movement in CrossFit?­

Favorite movement: 

LW: My favorites are front squats, wall balls and dumbbell alternating power snatches. It’s hard to pick just one!

Least favorite:

LW: My least favorites are barbell snatches and overhead squats, mostly because they are so hard and I need more practice.

4.What is your ultimate cheat meal?­

LW: Chick-Fil-A deluxe sandwich combo with diet coke or NY style pizza with a cold Guinness.

5. Since starting CrossFit, What is your biggest/proudest accomplishment.

LW: Hitting 200 lb back squat, getting pull ups and inverting for hand stand push ups. Placing 5th out of 15 in our division with Summer as my partner in Trained to Go Summer 2018 Series!

6.What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time?

LW: I like chick flicks and romantic comedies. Some of my favorites are Pretty Woman, The Proposal, Sweet Home Alabama. Action or drama favorites are Gladiator, Shooter, The Blind Side.

7.What is your favorite past time outside of the gym?

LW: Spending time with the family outdoors – hiking, jogging, four-wheeling, fishing, boating, etc. I enjoy cooking (although I’m not a baker), relaxing and reading on the beach, which is hard to come by now with an active almost 4 year old.