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Keep new members safe
You can teach new members how to safely execute movements and lifts so that when they show up to class, they’re:

  • More prepared,
  • Less intimidated, and
  • Less likely to get injured.

Intro programs also give you the chance to provide specific, personalized advice to each newcomer in the very beginning of their training.

Run efficient classes
If your team is continually wasting big chunks of class time on demonstrating foundational movements to newcomers, do you think your established members feel like they’re getting their money’s worth? Probably not. Especially when you spend 15 minutes of a class teaching the new guy what a squat is. On-ramp programs help with keeping regular classes efficient, which is good for everyone in your community.

Set expectations
On-ramp programs also give you the opportunity to get to know these newcomers — their injuries, their abilities, and their goals — so that you can develop mobility exercises and modifications that will help them with their weaknesses or movement restrictions (like tight ankles or hips). You can also use this time to suggest what weight they should start with for various lifts so they’re not so confused when they show up to class (again, this will help keep classes efficient).

Teach proper gym etiquette
Ya know… how to bail, how to spot, how to rack and unrack barbells, how to set up the rowing machines, how to get the plyo boxes unstuck, how to use the bands. This is also a good time to mention any gym rules your team might enforce.

Give them the ‘why,’ not just the ‘how’
Explain your fitness philosophy and why certain movements are executed a particular way, so that your new members can make more educated training decisions during those first few months of classes.

Pitch the value of quality over quantity
This goes hand in hand with leaving their ego at the door. In these classes, we want to stress that even though by going hard and heavy we get results, it is absolutely imperative that we move safely first. This is your time to teach them that in order to move fast, you have to first move well and moving well is a constant battle.

Explain the general timeline of a class
Help beginners understand how your classes are structured. With us, it goes like this:

  1. A customized warmup for the workout
  2. Workout prep to review the movements
  3. A scaled workout
  4. Optional stretches or mobility cool down (which isn’t always necessary)

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