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Corona HW 3


Corona HW 3


Game night Friday is cancelled!
Saturday classes will be a max of 15.
No partner WOD, if 9/10 are at 15. We will have an 11 o’clock class.
Open gym is limited to 1 hour and 15 max in the gym.
I do apologize, However, I want what is best for the members.

CrossFit TTG – Home workouts Corona Series


Today we will have a focus on the outdoors.

– we will have some running and some Mobility

A: Metcon (Time)

5 rounds

:30 wall sit

10 dips (edge of couch or a chair)

20 shoulder taps from plank(10/ side)

5 burpees
Shoulder taps- start from the plank position on your hands. Then tap your right hand to left shoulder

A2: Metcon (Time)

Weights at Home

3 RDS for time

20 Alt Dumbell Curls (5/side then switch)

20 Alt S2O

20 Goblet Squat

20 Suitcase Deadlift link for Suit case deadlift


50′ Bear Crawl forward

50′ Bear Crawl Reverse

1M Jog at 80% effort

Rest 2 min X3 sets