CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


400m Run


10 Inchworms with a push up on each rep



Kettlebell Swings

Cossack Squats

Plank Transitions

Then, HSPU Skill work and time to build to workout weight.

A: CFG Event 14 – Deadlift HSPU (Rx) (Time)

6-10-14 reps of:

Deadlifts, 220 | 350 lb.

8/6″ Deficit Kipping HSPU

Time cap: 14 min.

Barbell and wall should be roughly 10′ apart. Athletes begin 5′ away from their barbell between the barbell and the wall, facing their barbell. On go, athletes move 5′ forward to their bar and perform their first set of Deadlifts. They advance their bar 5′ forward after completing their set and before going back to the wall for HSPU. Athletes advance their bar again for round 3. After the final set of HSPU is complete, athletes run to their barbell to

stop the clock.


If staggering is required, 1-2 minutes may alleviate congestion, or consider running 2 heats as ascending rep schemes with heavy/ high skill movements are difficult to predict pacing and timing.


Barbell should be heavy, but should not exceed roughly 75-80% at most of the athlete’s 1RM. Keep in mind this is 30 reps of a very heavy deadlift, and often times ascending rep schemes go from doable to extremely difficult. Keep it heavy, but we want athletes finishing and not putting themselves at risk for injury. Handstand push ups will require multiple sets, but athletes should be able to perform at least 6 reps when fresh of the HSPU variation they are doing in the workout. Again, keep it challenging but not impossible.


6-14 minutes. This is a shorter workout, but the necessity to warm up to a very heavy deadlift and work athletes into a challenging HSPU variation should require a lengthy warm up/skill session followed by workout execution.

A: CFG Event 14 – Deadlift HSPU (Intermediate/ Scaled) (Time)

6-10-14 reps of:

Deadlifts, Heavy

Deficit or Regular Push Ups

Time cap: 14 min.
Find a challenging but doable DL weight around 75 – 80% of 1RM