CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


30 A-frame Toe Touches

30/20 Calorie C2 Machine

20 Russian KB Swings

30/20 Calorie C2 Machine

10 Barbell RDLs (moderate-to-heavy weight)

A: Metcon (8 Rounds for calories)

Every 3 minutes for 24 Minutes

3 Deadlifts 315/205lbs

:90 for Calories on any C2 Machine

Rest the remainder of the interval

Score is total Calories
Be sure to log calories after each round in case they clear.

Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Scores: 180/140+ Calories

Firebreather Scores: 240/180+ Calories


РDeadlifts: Always 1 set, should not exceed 80% of the athlete’s 1RM and

should be a quality set.

– Not Enough Machines: Burpees are an excellent sub. 1 Bar Facing Burpee = 1 Calorie. Feel free to rotate athletes through various machines/burpees. Different machines will not impact the stimulus negatively.

– If machines are limited, consider pairing athletes up and having athletes alternating full rounds where the second athlete begins their round when the first athlete finishes their :90 of calories.

Coach Focus: The deadlift breaks up the monotony on the machine, but it is critical that every athlete has a challenging weight in their hands for their 24 total deadlifts. The ultimate goal here is consistency in their calorie count from round to round, rather than sending it round 1 and falling apart.