CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


1:00 Dragon Stretch, per side


20 Spiderman Lunges

200m Run

20 DB Snatch

200m Run

20 Goblet Lunges

A: Back Rack Lunge (3×12 AHAP (6 per leg))

Stimulus: Heavy

Rest: As Needed

Coach Focus: We are looking for each set to be AHAP, but not at the expense of good control. Coaches should watch the speed at which their athlete’s knee makes contact with the floor. Do not allow athletes to bang their knee off the floor when lunging. Similarly, do not allow athletes to lose a vertical torso when

lunging. If athletes pitch too far forward they may injure their back.

Additional Notes/Resources: Walk forward 6 steps, turn around and walk back 6 steps. If space is limited, in place lunges work well. Take the bar out of a rack.

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time (14 Minute Cap)

Run 200m

15 Devil’s Press 10s-40s

Run 200m

12 Devil’s Press 10s-40s

Run 200m

9 Devil’s Press 10s-40s

Run 200m

6 Devil’s Press 10s-40s

Run 200m

3 Devil’s Press 10s-40s

Run 200m
Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain/Reach

Target Score: 8-14 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-7 Minutes


– DBs: Need to be heavy enough to challenge your athletes but not so heavy that the weight causes them to stand around. DB weight should be intentionally lighter than the usual 50s/35s. Remember the stimulus: Cardio, which means the DBs can’t be so heavy that athletes are slowed down due to purely muscular overload. Consider this: if an athlete uses 10/5lb DBs and went AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, they’d get a killer workout.

– Run: Should not exceed :75 at any point, but the vast majority of your athletes should be able to run the prescribed distance.

Additional Notes/Resources: Devil’s Press Tips!


SCOR: Metcon (No Measure)

Follow The CF Track Enter your scores in there.