CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


3:00 of Barbell Yoga*


2 Rounds

200m Row

8 Lateral Burpees over the rower

8 Empty Bar Hang Clusters

*Barbell Yoga is moving an unloaded barbell

through as many different movements and

ranges of motion as possible

A: Complex: Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Power Clean (Find a 1RM)


Hang Power Clean

Power Clean

Hang clean may be above or below the knee.

Must be unbroken.
Stimulus: Heavy

Rest: As prescribed

Coach Focus: We have spent a large portion of this phase cleaning up the

power clean, ensuring athletes hit power position. Today’s complex will test

athletes and their ability to maintain good positions as they build heavier and

heavier toward a 1RM. Athletes may go below the knee for their hang power

clean, but the entire complex must be done unbroken.

B: Sprint Test (2 Rounds for time)

Sprint Test

For Time

300 yard Shuttle Sprint

Rest 4:00

300 yard Shuttle Sprint

Use a 25 yard lane and go out and back 6 times.

Two scores: first 300 shuttle time, and your total running time.

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Send

Target Score: 60- 80 seconds (Faster than last time)

Firebreather Score: Sub-60 seconds (Faster than last time)


– Run: Shorten the distance to keep intensity or scale to 1 minute machine for

max distance

Coach Focus: Your athletes have performed a large amount of shuttle runs

over the course of the phase, which means they should be very familiar on

how this test should be executed upon today.

Additional Notes/Resources: Have athletes check their Test Week Score

before starting. Our original target scores were a little more aggressive than

expected, so new target/firebreathere scores reflect more accurate times.

SCOR: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


8 DB C&J (2DB)

16 Burpee

Rest 1 Min