CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2:00 Banded Front Rack Stretch, per side

20 Air Squats

200m Run

20 Cossack Squats

200m Run

20 Wallball (thrown to 10’ or higher)


20 PVC Pass Throughs

15 Ring Rows

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5×3 Low Ring Transitions

4×2 High Ring Transitions

3 Small Sets of Muscle Ups
Stimulus: Technique, building in weight

Rest: As needed

Coach Focus: While the ultimate goal is to get every athlete on high rings, we must walk before we run. Coaches should ensure athletes are leaning back as they pull themselves to the rings and that when they transition over the top they keep a low trajectory over the rings. Bodyweight should not be a limiting factor in low

ring transitions, encourage the use of the legs to support their bodyweight.

B: Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

5 Front Squats 165/110lbs

4/3 Muscle Ups

5 Front Squats 165/110lbs

4/3 Muscle Ups

5 Front Squats 165/110lbs

Rest 2:00
Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 16-20 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-12 Minutes


– Muscle Ups: Should are ideally 1 set each time (especially on

the first set of the round), but never more than 2 sets. Scale to

Burpee Pull Ups for athletes without muscle ups today.

– Front Squats: Should be 1 set each time

Coach Focus: While we want athletes to be able to do each movement in one set each time, it is important that we keep the

barbell stimulus heavy to preserve the stimulus of “gas”. Push athletes to transition quickly in each of their 4 rounds. Similarly, athletes should do the most difficult version of the gymnastics,

even when scaling (Burpee CTB vs. Burpee Chin Over Bar).

SCOR: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10 Ring Row

10 Goblet squat

20 Mt Climbers