CrossFit TTG – CrossFit

Mobility/ Activation

2:00 Double LAX Ball T-Spine Smash

1:00 Dead Hang From Pull Up Bar



2 rounds through, first round is coach led

and the second is not. Second round should

have light weight on the bar except for the

BTN presses.

10 BTN Snatch Grip Strict Press

8 Hang Muscle Snatch

8 Power Position Power Snatch

8 Hang Power Snatch above knee

6 Hang Power Snatch below the knee

A: Power Snatch (Touch and Go Power Snatch 15-12-9-6 AHAP )

-You should be breaking :90 seconds between sets.

– No breaking reps up,

B: Metcon (Time)

45 Power Snatches 95/65lbs*

*Each time you break, perform 50 Double

Unders * 100 Singles if no dubs
-Dubs should not be broken into 3 sets. Reduce reps if they are.

– This should be done sub 10Min

– Opening reps should be 20. Please scale accordingly