CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


AMRAP 7 Minutes

40 Single Unders

5 Ring Rows

30 Single Unders

10 Kettlebell Taters

20 Single Unders

:15 Squat Hold

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Rope Climb Skill Work

1×3 Seated Foot Locks

1×3 Seated Foot Lock + Stand

1 As Many Pulls As Possible + Descent

1 As Few Pulls as Possible + Descent
Stimulus: Technique

Rest: As Needed

Coach Focus: Teaching the skill of rope climbing is something we believe every

affiliate should do. Not only is it a great demonstration of upper body strength, but it is also an amazing achievement that many athletes are very proud of, and

remember as a defining moment at your gym. Let’s get your athletes up those


B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

In teams of 2 for total reps:

Every 7 Minutes for 21 Minutes

2 Minutes, Max Synchro Front Squats*

:30 Rest/transition

2 Minutes, Max Rep Rope Climbs

Rest remainder of interval (2:30)

*R1: 95/65lbs

R2: 135/95lbs

R3: 185/125lbs

Score is total reps added together.

Bar is taken off the floor.
Feel: Conditioning

Pacing: Reach

Target Score:

– R1: 25+ Front Squats/ 6+ Rope Climbs

– R2: 20+ Front Squats / 6+ Rope Climbs

– R3: 12+ Front Squats / 6+ Rope Climbs

Firebreather Score:

– R1: 40+ Front Squats/ 10+ Rope Climbs

– R2: 25+ Front Squats / 10+ Rope Climbs

– R3: 15+ Front Squats / 10+ Rope Climbs


– Front Squats: Reduce Loading to roughly 30, 50 and 70% of the athlete’s 1RM

– Rope Climb: Climb from Supine or perform banded strict pull ups (5 banded pull ups = 1 rope climb)

Coach Focus: Pair teams by fitness level. Synchronization in the squat happens in

the bottom of each rep and at the top. Work with athletes on consistency in their

form when front squatting, no turtles!

Additional Notes/Resources: Front squats are synchro, rope climbs are performed

one athlete working at a time. If climbing ropes are limited, have half of your class

start on the front squats while half start on the ropes. Less proficient climbers

should start on the ropes. You could also have a 3rd group start on the rest station

and rotate in after the first 2 minute period.

SCOR: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds (26 Cap)

5 Push ups

6 Air Squats

7 Dead Lift 135/95

8 Push Press

9 Cal SKi

10 DB step ups