CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2 Rounds

200m Run

3 Inchworms

4 Vertical Leaps

5 Ring Rows

6 Spiderman Lunges

A: Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 Rounds

10 Hip Extensions


Max Duration Hold (1 minute cap)

Rest as needed between
Stimulus: For Quality/Accessory

Rest: As needed

Coach Focus: To allow your athletes to execute the hip extension correctly coaches must ensure the hip joint is not blocked by the pad on the GHD, meaning the hips are NOT on the pad. Athlete

should be cued to brace their core and then instructed to squeeze

their butt as hard as they can to elevate their torso. Each set ends with a max duration hold.

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 12 Minutes

24 Double Unders

8 DB Snatch 50/35lbs
Feel: Conditioning

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 8+ Rounds

Firebreather Score: 15+ rounds


– Double Unders: :30 per round of practice or 36 Single Unders

– DB Snatch: Should remain UB for the duration of the workout. Scale weight, not reps.

Coach Focus: When the stimulus is conditioning, it’s never a bad idea to have athletes practice a “steady” single round of the workout so they can gauge their speed and recalibrate if


SCOR : Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 AMRAP x 3

300M bike

20 Jump Rope

10 DB snatch

Rest 3 Minutes In-between rounds
Start Where you left off from the previous round.