CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


800m Run or 1K Row


2 Rounds

6 Push Ups w/ a twist

8/5 Calorie AAB

10 Jumping Lunges

A: Bench Press (5×5 AHAP)

Stimulus: Heavy

Rest: 2-5 Minutes between Sets

Coach Focus: We are looking to increase your athletes upper body pressing strength with today’s session. All sets should be as heavy as possible and athletes can ascend in weight as they work through their 5 sets. Do not allow athletes to “bounce” the bar off their chest to add weight to the bar. Athletes perform this lift with their normal overhead press grip width on the bar.

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time (9 minute cap)

21/15 AAB Calories

9 DB Push Presses 50/35s

15/10 AAB Calories

15 DB Push Presses 50/35s

9/8 AAB Calories

21 DB Push Presses 50/35s
Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 4-9 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-3:30 (you’ll need to sprint that first set of calories!)


– AAB Calories: Reduce calories to keep the total working time on the bike to < 4:00 (roughly 11/8 calories per minute)
– DB Push Press: Scale weight before reps. 2 sets or less on each round.

Coach Focus: Remind your athletes that the AAB rewards high wattages,

so early in the workout athletes should be going at a blistering pace on the bike to “get ahead”. Once off the bike, athletes must be reminded to try and use their legs otherwise the arms burn out and the lactic acid burn in the legs sets in further. One of our favorites to say is, “outrun the


SCOR: Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds (25Min)

10- Floor Press

10- DB BO row

8- Step Up w/ DB

6- Cal Ski-erg