CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


400m Row or 800m Bike

2:00 of Pigeon, per side

2:00 of Dragon, per side

400m Run

10 Inchworms

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Mobility and soft tissue work
Mobility and soft tissue work to be done before and after today’s cardio piece.

Stimulus: Technique

Rest: As needed

Coach Focus: Following “Murph” many athletes will be very, very sore.

Use today as a way to flush the soreness we created yesterday both before and after today’s workout.

B: Metcon (Calories)

Every Minute for 28 Minutes in Teams of 4

(one person on each station)

1:00 Max Calorie Row

1:00 Max Calorie C2 or AAB

1:00 Max Calorie Ski

Walk for 1:00 as rest
Feel: Conditioning/Flush

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 10-15 calories per machine, per round if focusing more on


Firebreather Score: 18/15 calories+ per round if focusing more on making

this a full training piece.


– If you do not have multiple machines available consider alternating back and forth between walking and 1:00 on a machine

Coach Focus: Muscular contraction via cardio is going to be the best

recipe for recovery from “Murph”. For athletes who did not participate in

Murph or simply want to push themselves a little more, today is a great

day to push the pace on cardio equipment that will still facilitate recovery,

so don’t think all of your athletes MUST perform this piece at a casual