CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


AMRAP 6 Minutes

200m Run

10 Russian KB Swings

:20 Hollow Rock

10 A-Frame Toe Touches

:20 Deadhang from Pull Up Bar

A: Ring Rows (5 Max Set Ring Rows with PERFECT Form)

If an athlete can perform 15+ PERFECT

reps, allow them to elevate their feet on a box/bench/plate

Stimulus: Stamina/Accessory

Rest: As Needed

Coach Focus: We are looking for 15+ Reps each round. Ensure athletes have an appropriate challenge so across the 5 rounds they hit a minimum of 75 reps. In

addition to achieving adequate volume, coaches should remind athletes to work on their gymnastic shapes (maintaining hollow body) when performing each rep.

B: Metcon (Time)


Toes to Bar

Hang Power Snatch 75/55lbs
Feel: Muscular Overload

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 9-14 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-9


– Toes to Bar: Scale to Kipping Knee Raises before reducing reps. Athlete should

never spend more than around 1:30 at the pull up bar.

– HPS: Looking for 3 sets or less each time, Athletes should be able to do 10+

Reps each set to start with this light weight.

Coach Focus: Efficient movement while moving quickly is non-negotiable when it comes to a workout with a muscular overload stimulus. Before starting the workout coaches should spend time showing various styles of hang snatches

(bounce vs. hinge/high hang) so that athletes can find a style they like. This is not a day to test an athlete’s ability to perform this workout RX. Coach Sherb’s favorite

saying for a day like this “just because you can (RX it), doesn’t mean you should.” Stimulus matters more than the “RX” moniker next to the athlete’s name when it

comes to fitness.

SCOR: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


10 Sit ups

15 Front Squat w/ a BB

10 Push Up

8 Strict Press w/ BB

rest 1 Min