CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2:00 T-Spine Mobility

1:00 Dragon Stretch, per side


3 Rounds

:30 Arms Only Rowing

:30 Arms and Hips Only Rowing

:30 Full Rowing Strokes

Rest :30

:30 OHS Squat Hold w/ empty bar (add weight

each round, last round should be at workout


A: Metcon (Time)

8 Rounds with a partner (4 each)

Row 500m*

13 Synchro OH Squats 95/65lbs

*One athlete must perform the entire 500m. On the next round, the other athlete performs the row.
Feel: Muscular Overload/Conditioning

Pacing: Sustain

Target Scores: 20-26 Minutes, should not exceed 28 Minutes

Firebreather Scores: Sub-18 Minutes


– Row: Reduce Distance for de-condition athletes, but be careful reducing the distance too significantly because this will lead to

no rest for the non-rowing partner.

– OHS: Scale Weight before modifying to Front Squats for mobility reasons.

Coach Focus: Two goals with today’s workout: 1) Have athletes work on a challenging, but sustainable rowing pace across their 4 rounds and 2) Preserve full ROM with the OHS. We would always

rather see an athlete using an empty bar with full ROM than a weighted barbell with a reduce ROM. Consider providing newer

athletes with a target to squat to so they can understand the ROM