CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


3 Rounds

:48 Machine – Easy Pace

:12 Machine – Hard Pace


2 Rounds

5 Inch Worms

15 Russian Swings (Moderate-to-heavy)

A: Deadlift (5-5-4-4-3-3-3 *AAB Sprint after each Set 10/7 cal )

Stimulus: Heavy, first set starting around 70% of the athletes’ 1RM and building from there.

Rest: 3-4 minutes, but can be flexible for athletes who struggle with recovery. Rest should be enough that athletes are able to safely pull a very heavy set of deadlifts followed by a max effort sprint. Coach Focus: We are looking for a heavy stimulus with the barbell

followed directly by a short bike sprint. We are looking for the weight to increase each set, and athletes may attempt a new 3RM if it looks/feels

good. The bike sprint should be short enough that this doesn’t become a Bike sprint workout – instead we are looking for athletes to be able to exert maximal effort on the bike after the deadlifts have “primed” them. Reduce bike calories to allow athletes to truly spirit, or cap them at roughly :10-:12 of sprinting.

SCOR: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


12 KB Deadlifts

10 KB swings

100′ Farmers Walk