CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


1:00 Dragon pose per side


AMRAP 8 Minutes

10 A-Frame Toe Touches

8 Spiderman Lunges

6 Tempo Push Ups (5-Count to bottom)

4 Burpees

2 Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows

A: 12/24/20 (Time)

12 Days or Mis-mas

1 Single DB Step Up

2 Bar Muscle Up

3 Bike Meters x100 (300m)

4 Single DB Step Ups

5 Strict Pull Ups

6 Bike Meters x100 (600m)

7 Single DB Step Ups

8 Toes to Bar

9 Bike Meters x100 (900m)

10 Single DB Step Ups

11 S-Arm DB Cluster

12 Bike Meters x100 (1200m)

Dumbbell: 70/50lbs

Box: 24/20″
Feel: Conditioning

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Happy Holidays!


– DB weight should be something that athlete can complete

each movement in 1 set each time, but should be heavier

than their usual DB weight.

– Bar Muscle Up: jumping bar muscle up or burpee pull up

– Toes to Bar: kipping knee raises, no more than 3 sets.

– Bike distance: cut the distances in half for Rowers, Ski

Ergs, or running (e.g. a 300m bike = 150m row/ski/run).

Coach Focus: Performed like the Christmas Song: 1 Step Up,

then 2 Bar Muscle Ups and 1 Step Up. Then 300m Bike, 2

Bar Muscle Ups, 1 Step Up, etc.