CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2:00 Pigeon Stretch Per Side

3 Rounds

12 Back Rack Walking Lunge Steps

8 Overhead Squat (empty bar)

8/6 Calorie Assault Bike

A: Snatch (Percentage Work)

Squat Snatch

Warm Up

1×3 Power Position

2×3 Tempo Pull Squat Snatches, lighter than set 1 weight.

3 @ 70%

2 @ 75%

1 @ 80%

3 @ 75%

2 @ 85%

1 @ 90%

3 @ 80-85%

2 @ 85-90%

1 @ 90%+

[email protected] 95%+

Drop and reset on sets with multiple reps. Rest 2-4

minutes between sets. Goal is for all sets to be slightly heavier than last time.

Stimulus: Heavy

Rest: As prescribed

Coach Focus: Similar to last week, if athletes are feeling good, and have hit all of their reps on way to their final single, they may “ride the lightning” and try to PR. If this is not the case, stick to the percentage work and save the PR for next week. Athletes may only add weight for the final single if they made their previous single. If athletes make their lifts, they may attempt a new 1RM.

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Optional Conditioning

In Partners:

P1: :30 Max Rep Burpees

P2: :30 Max Rep Burpees

P1: However many burpees P2 does, P1

does an equal amount of AAB calories

P2: However many burpees P1 does, P2

does an equal amount of AAB calories
Feel: Gas

Pacing: Send

Target Score: 12+ Burpees & 12+ Calories

Firebreather Score: 20+ Burpees & 20+ Calories


– Burpees: If burpees are not feasible due to injury, pick another bodyweight movement and perform max reps for :30

– If AAB are unavailable, use another machine for calories

Coach Focus: The conditioning today is optional, but is an effective way to “send athletes off” for the day.

EXAMPLE: E.g.: if P1 gets 15 burpees in :30, P2 would sprint 15 calories on the AAB when it’s their turn. Burpees are on a continous 1:00 clock, and partner 1 begins their bike sprint at the 1:00 mark on the clock. P2 begins their bike when P1 finishes.

SCOR: Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds (24 Cap)


8 DB Right arm snatch (light)

6 Box Step up

8 DB left arm snatch

4 Push ups

:60 AAB