CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


1:30 Lat Smash/side

4 Rounds

100m Run

9 Gymnastic Kips

6 S. Arm Devil’s Press

3 S. Arm DB Front Squat (OH squat on rounds 3-4 if mobility allows)

A: Power Snatch (Complex:)

On a 15 Minute running clock:

1 Tempo Snatch DL to Knee + 1 Tempo Snatch DL to Power Position + 1 Power Snatch AHAP

Rest 1-2 Minutes between sets

Stimulus: Technique

Rest: As needed. Novice athletes will not require as long a rest as the veteran members due to lighter weights on the barbell.

Coach Focus: The purpose of today’s lifting session to is refine the 1st and 2nd pull for athletes. Coaches should ensure athletes are hitting the appropriate checkpoints on the way from the floor to power position before “letting the reigns go” and allowing athletes to go heavy.

Additional Notes/Resources: See our IG for a demo of today’s work!

B: Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds (15 Minute Cap)

7 Devils Presses 50/35lbs*

100m Run

7 Toes to bar

100m Run

*Perform 1 fewer Devils Press each round
Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 11-15 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-11 Minutes


– Devils Press: Reduce loading before reps. Can be modified to a S. Arm DP if the logistics are an issue. All rounds of the DP should not exceed 1:00 of work.

– Toes to Bar: 1 Set is what we are looking for. Scale to 4, 5, or 6 reps to keep athletes moving. If Toes to Bar aren’t possible scale to kipping knee raises or V-Ups

– Run: 200m C2 bike or 0.2k AAB for each 100m run, or 50 Double Unders, avoid rowing or skiing if possible.

Coach Focus: Each round should not exceed 2:00 of work on average. Devils presses will get slightly faster from round to round, but should not exceed 1 minute

of work in any round. Toes to bar should be one set and coaches should remind athletes to aggressively close their shoulders, using their lats, to close the gap between the pull up bar and the feet. Lastly, remind athletes to push the run from start to finish.

Additional Notes/Resources: Toes to Bar Tip – Become the Ball