CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2:00 4-way Banded Glute Activation


AMRAP 3:00

Max KB Taters *

*Every :30s starting at 0:00, 10 Double or Single Unders

A: Back Squat (1 Tempo Pause BS EMOM for 16)

EMOM 16 Minutes

1 Tempo Pause Back Squat

Perform a 3-second count on the way down, a full 1- second pause, and then stand. (31X0)

Start at around 65% and add weight each set.

Stimulus: Technique, building to Heavy

Rest: As prescribed

Coach Focus: The purpose of this squatting session is to refine two main components of the back squat. First, we want to see athletes control their descent on the squat to learn that when squatting we are looking to build tension in the hips as we sit down and back on each rep. Second, we want athletes to use the tension they feel in the bottom the squat to translate into a stand with hips tracing forward as they stand. Avoid loading that creates the “stripper squat” fault.

B: Metcon (Time)

12 Rounds (10 Minute Cap)

15 Double Unders

1 Power Clean 185/125lbs
Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Sub-10 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-6 Minutes


РDouble Unders: Practice should not exceed :30 in any round. Consider scaling to a 1:1 heavy rope singles or 2x single unders with the athlete’s normal rope

– Power Clean: Should not exceed 75% of the athlete’s 1RM, and should be a challenging weight but one athletes can walk up to and hit confidently each round.

Coach Focus: The rep scheme should “clue in” your athletes to what the desire stimulus is for the day, which is a cardio workout. Coaches should ensure that each athlete has a weight on the barbell that is challenging but doesn’t create a situation where an athlete stands and stares for a significant amount of time at any point.

SCOR: Metcon (No Measure)

Follow CF track

Use DB Cleans