CrossFit TTG – CrossFit


2:00 Banded Glute Activation


Every 2:00 For 6:00

Run 200m

5 KB Taters

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Pistol Skill/Warm Up

1:30 KB/Ankle Stretch, per side

16 Cossack Squats

24 Pistol Negatives, 12 per leg (Standing on box)
Stimulus: Technique

Rest: As needed

Coach Focus: Often we see athletes struggle with pistols not because they aren’t strong enough or flexible enough, but that they haven’t taken enough time to properly warm themselves up. Don’t skip this warm up.

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time (18 Minute Cap)

25′ S. Arm DB OH Walking Lunge 50/35lbs

30 Wallballs 20/14lbs

50′ S. Arm DB OH Walking Lunge 50/35lbs

60 DB Snatches 50/35lbs

50′ S. Arm DB OH Walking Lunge 50/35lbs

30 Wallballs 20/14lbs

25′ S. Arm DB OH Walking Lunge 50/35lbs

60 Pistols
Feel: Muscular Overload

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 12 – 18 Minutes (recommended 18 minute cap)

Firebreather Score: Sub-10 Minutes


– Lunges: 25’ Sections should be UB, athletes can switch arms at any point.

– Wallballs: Ideally 1 – 2 sets, but never more than 3.

– DB Snatches: Should not exceed 4 Minutes. Athletes should be able to perform 20 reps to start their set.

– Pistols: You will see a lot of variance here, goal is to get everyone squatting on one leg using either a box or a band to do so.

Coach Focus: Pistol will vary greatly. I recommend setting the clock for 18 minutes and allowing athletes to struggle through pistols at the end of the workout because by that point most of the intensity as taken place. Your ultimate goal for everyone on the pistols is to have a difficult version that has them squatting below parallel.

Additional Notes/Resources: How to Scale the Pistol and How to Warm up Your Pistols


SCOR: Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds (24Cap)

20 WB

30 Lunges w/ wallball

20 Cal AB