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1/5 open gym


1/5 open gym

CrossFit TTG – Open Gym

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Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

50/35 cal bike

2 rounds

30 pj 115/75

30 pull ups

50/35 cal bike

3 rounds

20 push jerks 135/95

20 pull ups

50/35 cal bike

4 rounds

15 push jerks 155/105

15 pull ups

50/35 cal bike

5 rounds

10 push jerks 185/135

10 pull ups
teams of 2. one person works at a time. just trying to get as far as possible in 35 min. make sure that if you’er scaling that you’re starting with good numbers for increasing each round. you should be able to get sets of 2-3 at a time on that last round. if you can do 5 unbroken it may be too light

if you’d like to make it a bit harder, feel free to do chest to bar instead of regular, but lets leave muscle ups on the backburner today