Troy Faust CrossFit TTG July 2017 AOM

Troy Faust CrossFit TTG July 2017 AOM

Troy Faust CrossFit TTG July 2017 Athlete of the Month!

What made you start CrossFit?

I was bored with just the gym a couple days and week and running, I was going to meet a friend at Barry’s Cafe and was running early, I got stuck at the light and saw the sign flipper.  Figured I’d walk in and see what it was about.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?­

I was the first in my family to go off to college, and for some reason I was REALLY into the the tv show Glee.

What is your one favorite and least favorite movement in CrossFit?­

Favorite movement:

Favorites are prob squats and some of the benchmark workouts and HERO WODS.

Least favorite: 

Least are any form of burpees, but after last week I will add man makers to that list.

What is your ultimate cheat meal?­

Mom’s cooking or mexican

Since starting CrossFit, What is your biggest/proudest accomplishment?­

I’m way more social and active on fb than I ever thought I would be, and I love the people I’ve met that I most likely would never have come across if it wasn’t for the sign flipper making awkward eye contact with me.



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***Move In to NEW SPACE August... Date TBD. Bathroom/Shower underway after a lengthy process of getting permits.

*** September we will be having a Nutrition Seminar at TTG... Time and Date in September TBD.


***90 Day Test Drive is ONGOING... $300 or $100 a month for 3 months. This for those who have never done CrossFit at an affiliate before.

We are in need of a Refrigerator, Couch and Chair for the new athletes lounge... Call Scot if you know of anyone looking to sell reasonably.